Professional Hair and Spa Services

Going to a beauty salon means taking care of your appearance and personal hygiene. Whether you need a haircut or eyebrow waxing, we at Sage Hair Studio offer a variety of services to ensure you look and feel confident! We want our customers to feel radiant and comfortable in their skin.
Our staff treats each and every customer as though they were royalty. As soon as you step in through the door, you’re going to get pampered. We strive to deliver excellent service, affordable prices, and gorgeous results that turns heads!

Hair Colouring

Are you at your wit’s end trying to come up with a different way to revamp your style? It may be time for a change in hair color. Of course, not just anyone can be trusted to work on your precious locks! That’s where our team comes into play. With years of experience crafting unique looks and fashion forward hairstyles, professionals from our team are sure to revamp that old and worn appearance with care. With waxing, eyebrow, and eyelash services also provided within our compendium of beauty treatments, you can rest assured that, no matter the look you crave, we are at the ready to provide.

Men and Women’s Haircuts

Bill Morrow is our barber, with over 50 years of experience giving hot shaves and cutting the current styles in fashion. He is available Monday and Thursday. If you have your hair cut once a month, it only makes sense that you’d want to seek out a professional you can trust to keep that do looking its best! Fortunately for those interested in finding their new go-to source for all of their beauty salon needs, we are more than capable of filling the bill. Whether you’re interested in perms, hair extensions, or even hair coloring, trust in our team to keep your style looking fresh. We also provide a myriad of other services such as eyelash tinting and even eyebrow treatments so you can rest assured knowing the exact look you crave can be crafted beyond our doors! Are you in need of a haircut due to split ends, or are you tired of long hair because it’s high maintenance? Whatever the case, you can trust Sage Hair Studio to offer quality women’s haircuts! We work with your preferences, so whether you want to show us a picture or describe your desired cut, we’ll make sure the results match! Beauty can be a powerful tool because you feel confident in your own skin. That’s what we want to see our customers possess: confidence. Once you have confidence, then you’ll feel happier and can do anything without any doubts building up inside you.


Are you tired of that old and outdated look? A perm from a reliable beauty salon team could be exactly what the doctor ordered! The tight and packed curls this innovative treatment provides can do wonders for those stuck in a rut with their current do! Of course, our team wouldn’t offer perms if we didn’t have the ample experience and training necessary to deliver those curls you’ve always dreamed of. Regardless of the look you’ve been striving to create, rest assured knowing we have the expertise and the wide array of services necessary to deliver!

Hair Extensions

Have you found yourself plagued by locks that refuse to grow to your preferred length? Damaged hair that struggles to grow properly is more common than you might think! Fortunately for those seeking an answer, hair extensions have remained a tried and true method of adding the length you’ve always dreamed of for your do! Come down and rest assured knowing our team carries years of experience providing hair extension services in addition to our wide assortment of other beauty treatments. Looking to complement your new locks with revamped brows and lashes? Not a problem! From eyebrow trimming and eyelash tinting to everything in-between, we offer it all!

Facial Waxing

Unwanted facial hair can be the bane of one’s existence. Fortunately, the right waxing service can make that face soft and silky with a quick and seamless treatment. Of course, we wouldn’t call ourselves your go-to beauty salon if we didn’t deliver a comprehensive facial waxing service. Whether you’re looking to bid farewell to that monobrow or simply want to clean up that upper lip, expect a compassionate and diligent approach sure to satisfy. With hair and eyelash services also provided by our proficient team, you can bet we’ll soon become your new first stop for all of your beauty care needs.

Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow tinting is a service that involves using dye to enhance the color, shape, and thickness of your brows for a more “put-together” appearance. Naturally, our team continues to deliver what we feel to be the area’s leading premier beauty salon service by offering eyebrow tinting in conjunction with the rest of our wide assortment of treatments. By adding structure to your brows, a diligent salon pro from our staff can transform your overall look into one fit for turning heads. In conjunction with our hair treatments and eyelash services, we promise a top to bottom approach towards the revamping of your signature look.

Eyelash Tinting

Do you have a particular color that you’d like your eyelashes to appear? At Sage Hair Studio, we perform eyelash tinting for those who may have dyed their hair and want their eyelashes to match the color. For whatever reason or occasion, we’ll make sure to produce beautiful results! We perform safe procedures and use products that will not cause any harm to your eyelashes or skin. Our professional staff has built up years of skill and experience to create stunning results. We put your confidence and satisfaction above all else!